Leaps and Turns

Leaps and Turns is a jazz-based technique class, focusing on bodily placement to help the dancer achieve their fullest potential. This class includes a warm-up focused on strength, conditioning, and flexibility.


Jazz is an energetic and fast-paced form of dance consisting of traditional techniques accompanied by upbeat music. This class will guide dancers through choreography and elevate their level of performance.


Pom focuses on flexibility, core strength, jumps, and motion technique. Because pom combines so many styles of cheer and dance, students will become skilled in body placement, isolations, contractions, leaps, turns, and dance combinations.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an energetic street form of dance that is primarily performed to hip-hop music. This class will break down the fundamental grooves and movements of hip hop through choreography and free styling.

High School Prep

High School prep is designed to help prepare you for your HS Dance Team auditions. This class will go over pom, dance team technique, and style. This class will be taught by former High School dancers and D1 collegiate dancers/coaches.

College Prep

College prep is designed to help prepare you for your college Dance Team auditions. This class will go over pom and dance team technique, style, and overall performance expectations. This class will be taught by former D1 collegiate dancers/coaches.

Junior Raiderettes Class

Junior Raiderette Class is designed to guide young performers through routines designed to energize audiences. In this class, they will practice sharp arm motions, vocal chants, jumps, and kicks.

Latin Fit

Latin fit is a dance based cardio class that combines Latin style dance with aerobics.

Ballet Fit

Inspired by ballet, Barre is a Pilates based fitness class to help strengthen your core and build lean muscle. This class will go through a series of positions and movements while utilizing a ballet barre.


Yoga class is a spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health.

Raiderettes Fit

Raiderettes Fit is a high cardio class combining weights with dance.

Pro Style

Our Pro Style Class is designed to prepare you for professional dance endeavors, especially within the NFL and NBA Pro cheer field.

Raiderette Prep

Raiderettes Prep will help you prepare for Raiderettes auditions. This class covers basic techniques, style, and performance standards.

Stretch Class

This class will help improve injury prevention, muscle coordination, posture, sports performance, and range of motion. Its also a great stress reliever and great for your mental health.